Advanced intelligent system

With the combination of development technology in knowledge-based software and rich engineering technology, we have developed the highest level of industrial hardware products and help our partners to manufacture the high quality products with better noise and vibration performance. The developed H/W by CreaTech is listed below.

Active/semi-active vibration/force compensator for ship’s structures and diesel engines

  • Excessive Vibration Responses on ship’s structure is causing fatigue damages of structures and vulnerable habitability.
    Mainly coming from ship’s propulsion system, M/E and propeller.
  • Real-time control algorithm & DSP board producing accurate control force
  • Product design including mechanical & electric components
  • Energy saving technology Multi-selectable operating speed ranges with different control orders and phases
  • 2 types actuator according to forcing direction, Horizontal & Vertical
  • 8 types products according to control force magnitudes
  • Performance confirmation during several sea trials, including basic control abilities and energy saving technology
  • Deliver over 30 products to domestic/international ship yards & marine engine builders, based on 2016 year
  • Patent register No. 10-1202679 “ Drive method of control system to reduce ship vibration”
  • Active/semi-active vibration/force
    compensator in horizontal & vertical directions

CMS (Condition Monitoring System) for machinery and hull structures (collaborated with HHI)

  • Integrated System with H/W, S/W & Engineering Algorithm
  • STX marine service & Hyundai Shipping: On-board EEOI monitoring system using a PC and without any data gathering H/W
  • HHI: CMS up to 200 Ch. with data gathering & diagnosis function for machinery & hull structure by using vibration, strain gage signals
  • Samsung Electronics: Fault diagnosis system for printers at producing line by using “Sound Quality Analysis”
  • CMS for marine & offshore structures
  • Fault Diagnosis System using SQ
  • EEOI monitoring system

Acoustic Enclosure for Marine Diesel Generator(Collaborated with D/G manufacture, HAEIN)

  • To protect the seafarer from excessive noise levels which may give rise to a noise-induced hearing loss
  • Need a proper noise countermeasure of Diesel Generator
  • Selection of proper solutions to meet the requested noise criteria(NABS Foam, Rubber mount, Base frame design etc.)
  • Noise prediction and design considering sound propagation
  • Resonance mode analysis of Enclosure
  • Calculation of required ventilation air to select optimum ventilation fan
  • tablishment of optimum design process for Enclosure
    • - 80 dB(A) 1m distance from D/G set
    • - Acoustic material (NABS Foam, 75mm)
    • - Rubber mount for reduced structure-borne noise
    • - LED Lighting

RAC Acoustic Chamber(Collaborated with *RAC manufacture, SAMSUNG Electronics)

  • Design and manufacture of acoustic chamber for RAC’s automation noise inspection
  • Selection of proper solutions to meet the requested noise criteria
    • - Window type : triplex laminated glass
    • - Seal type : silicone foam gasket
    • - Door type : automatic sliding door (vertical type)
  • Development of automatic sliding door considering noise performance & convenience
  • Automatic control PLC system considering a safety inspection
  • Acoustic Chamber for RAC
  • 3D Design & Simulation